Patrick O'Rourke loves Star Trek: The Next Generation. Patrick Winegar has never seen it. As Pat O. introduces Pat W. to the series episode by episode, they discuss the good and the bad of Star Trek, and the strange universe that surrounds it.

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    Bonus: Starfleet Engage

    Today is a very important day, because today two things of note are happening...

    First, I get to meet our newest security team. They sound like upstanding young ensigns, and I can not wait to meet them.

    Second, I have been awaiting the arrival of Glaxxom, an Ambassador from Zadhira. We must talk soon for the stability of the entire region depends us reaching an understanding about his planet's history.

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    S04E14: Clues

    The Enterprise finds itself in a mystery of lost time, forcing Data to keep a secret from his captain against all odds, and the Pats to talk about beard growth measurement for several minutes.

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    S04 E 13: Devil's Due

    When the Enterprise answers a scrambled distress call, they unearth a planet in apocalyptic crisis, and a godlike flim-flammer, or "con artist", to use a more obscure term.

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    S4E12: The Wounded

    The Pats discuss The Wounded, where O'Brien comes to term with past trauma, the Federation chases down a war criminal from their own fleet, and Picard preserves a shaky peace with an alien race that we apparently should have known about.

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    S4E11: Data's Day

    This week, the Pats discuss Data's Day: an in-depth look of how Data navigates human relationships, deals with human customs, and avoids plunging the galaxy into years of war.

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    S4E10: The Loss

    In this episode, the Enterprise must navigate away from a dangerous anomaly in space, and Troi experiences a momentary loss of her powers, thanks to a heavy handed metaphor outside the ship.

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    S4E9: The Final Mission

    Carlos (The Dungeon Rats) and Aram (Godsfall) join the Pats to break down The Final Mission: an episode that gives us radiation mishaps, weird old miners, and the final regular cast appearance of Wesley Crusher

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    S4E8: Future Imperfect

    After Riker passes out in a cloud of toxic gas, he awakens in command of the Enterprise 16 years later (OR DOES HE?), then in the clutches of the dreaded Romulans (OR IS HE?)

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    S4E7: Reunion

    In Reunion, K'Ehelyr returns with the son that Worf never knew, Picard tries to mediate a struggle for the Klingon throne, and Pat O. mixes up the names of Michael Dorn and Michael Piller.

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    S4E6: Legacy

    Pat & Pat break down Legacy, where the Enterprise crew chases a distress signal to Turkana IV, discovers Tasha Yar's long-lost sister, and takes part in underground post-apocalyptic gang warfare.

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